New Stuff To Come in the Next Few Days

New Stuff To Come in the Next Few Days
by Mark Bourrie
February 13, 2024
New Stuff To Come in the Next Few Days

I have been enjoying a sort of holiday — doing the things I need to do for my practice, and to get ready to move into new accommodations in downtown Ottawa while trying to have some family recreational time.

I am working on a piece on free expression during election campaigns, and the balancing of rights between individuals who want to have a say and well-financed third parties of all ideologies that want to influence the result. So how do we balance my right to have a sign on my house weeks or months before the election with the supposed right of an advocacy group to buy tons of TV time for borderline misleading advertising?

‘The Great Hack’ is Netflix’s latest documentary about how Cambridge Analytica misused data for political gain.

And how do we prevent the mess that we’ve seen in the U.S. since their Supreme Court came down with its outrageous Citizens United decision?

When I am finished struggling with this piece, I’ll post it. If you have any thoughts, let me know.

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